Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keyword Search

So I was just checking to see what keywords are leading people to my site, and I thought it might be an interesting read. They are in order of most to least used:

ampersand comics
bruce wayne ampersand review
"expect the unexpected" batman
"hate joe quesada"
captain america magic
download the walking dead comic
guepardo muscles
joey q hates mary-jane
marvel nextwave -wireless
peter and mary jane
peter milligan the programme
quien vigila o los vigilante translation
soviet russia comic
superheroes in comics are shown to give comfort to readers during the cold war
the simpsons lost in translation
translation debate movies
why did loeb change ultimate thor
 expect the unexpected mission

I have no idea what that last symbol actually is.


  1. Yeah, those keyword searches are hilarious. I've had some interesting ones as well:

    1) A surprising number of people search for the words "wacky porn" (and land on my blog)

    2) Lots of people are actively interested in having sex with blind people.

    3) At least two people were interested in reading fan fiction about Tony Stark being pregnant.

    4) Lots of people are researching the love life of televangelist Mike Murdock.

    Well, the list could go on... :D

  2. I'm going to start randomly mentioning PORN in the middle of my posts, to get more Google hits.

  3. See, I just joke around about that stuff in a lot of my posts (hey, I'm Swedish, it's in my culture), but I'm happy to say that at least 95% of my hits seem to be due to people being interested in Daredevil, which is good to know. Unless I can get a lot of perverts to read comics, in which case the other 5% are totally worth it.

  4. It's always revelatory when you look at what keyword searches are driving your traffic. By an overwhelming majority, my current #1 is "sideboob", followed closely by "side-boob".