Monday, February 23, 2009

Magic - Spider-Man

As I mentioned the other day, I will run something different on the days that I do not get to write an entire blog entry. This is one of my other geeky aspects, Magic: The Gathering! I used to play a lot when I was in high school, and although I never really joined a tournament or anything, playing it with my friends was always fun. I hope at least some people enjoy this, as I tie Magic with comics. Today I bring you:


Spider-Man was actually very hard to properly portray. The white obviously represents his penchant for law and order, while the green is his ties to nature (and Spiders are usually green creatures, with reach), and finally the blue for his "trickster" and intellectual side (the ability is supposed to represent his web shooters).


  1. As an ex-Magic play, I find this awesome.

  2. Wow you made this by yourself. Very impressed. As a Magic player myself, even though I haven't played for more than 3 years, I would say you really captured the essence of Spidey here. Even though I wouldn't play this card if it was real, I find the formatting very amusing. One question, what about his spider sense?

  3. a.u., the white ability is supposed to represent the spider sense, which allows him to avoid damage.