Saturday, January 8, 2011

Favorite Tracks - Hope by The Descendents

I always joke I have terrible taste in music, in Favorite Tracks, you are going to find out exactly how horrible it is, as I highlight some of my favorite songs. 

The Descendents are probably one of the most influential, yet least recognized band out there. I can understand why they are not as popular as they should be (I mean, outside of the punk circle that does know about them). Their early lyrics border on the sophomoric and teenage side of things, but as they grew older they embraced this absurdity and played to it. 

Certainly, their first full length album Milo Goes To College suffers somewhat because of this, but it doesn't hide their ability to produce incredibly anthemic and thoroughly catchy lines. It's a classic from that era, and my favorite track off of it is the simply called "Hope" (that's a Spotify link, by the way. Sorry Americans, it probably won't work for you).

Even though the song is about a relationship, there's a wonderful line in there that works as part of the chorus: "I know my day will come." It's so simple, literally anyone could have written it, but there's a certain mix of desperation and honesty behind the way vocalist Milo Aukerman sings it. It's almost as if he repeats it enough times, and with enough honesty, it will come true. We know that's not how it works, but in 1982 when the band wrote this song, they were basically teenagers, and they might have really believed it. In any case, this song is one for the ages.

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